Service Credit Union Routing Number

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Service Credit Union routing number

Routing Number For Service CU

Routing No.
Rev. Date
Zip Code
2114896562014-07-033003 LAFAYETTE RDPORTSMOUTHNew Hampshire03801
2114896562013-03-212010 LAFAYETTE ROADPORTSMOUTHNew Hampshire03801
2114896562014-07-033003 LAFAYETTE RDPORTSMOUTHNew Hampshire03801
2114896562015-06-012010 LAFAYETTE ROADPORTSMOUTHNew Hampshire03801
2114896562017-04-032010 LAFAYETTE ROADPORTSMOUTHNew Hampshire03801

*** Verify that the Service Credit Union routing number shown above is correct for by calling the phone number before using it in any financial transaction. The data above was last updated on 11/21/2017.

See all local Credit Unions here. Credit Unions in PORTSMOUTH, NH.


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