Sarco Federal Credit Union Loan and Deposit Rates

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Loan And Deposit Rates

Sarco FCU Deposit Rates
Regular Savings
Money Market
Certificates of Deposits
Sarco Federal Credit Union0.15%0.45%N/A0.59%N/A
Pennsylvania Averages0.17%0.35%0.28%0.68%0.64%
USA Averages0.19%0.41%0.29%0.74%0.66%
Sarco Federal Credit Union Loan Rates
Unsecured Credit Card
New vehicle
Used vehicle
1st Mortgage
Other real estate
Sarco Federal Credit UnionN/A3.75%4.64%4.47%5.01%
Pennsylvania Averages10.48%3.38%4.42%4.31%5.84%
USA Averages10.56%3.72%5.00%4.48%5.09%
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