Members Plus Credit Union Board of Directors

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TitleFirst NameLast Name
Board Member, Supervisory Committee Member RICHARD CAFARELLI
Board Member, Credit Committee Member, Other Patrick Carney
Board Member, Supervisory Committee Member William Carr
Board Member, Other Craig Connolly
Board Member Richard Hughes
Vice Chairperson, Board Member, Credit Committee Member, Other Daniel Hurley
Board Member, Supervisory Committee Chairperson, Other Michael Maloney
Board Member, Credit Committee Member, Other James Manning
Manager or CEO John Murphy
Board Member, Supervisory Committee Member, Other Colleen Nee
Chairperson, Board Member Michael Nee
Board Treasurer, Board Member, Credit Committee Chairperson Craig Pinkham
Board Member, Credit Committee Member Thomas Roche
Board Member, Credit Committee Member Robert Senier
Board Member, Other Timothy Sullivan
Board Secretary, Board Member, Other Mark Wisnes

The date below for Members Plus CU was updated on 09/30/2017 and is the most current available public information.

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