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The Navy Federal Credit Union, which is regulated by the NCUA or the National Credit Union Administration, the largest credit union in the US, has been serving more than 2.5 million members to date. Established 70 years ago, the credit union accepts members from the Navy department. If you are an active personnel of the marine or navy, a reservist, a civilian personnel, a retired employee or annuitant, you are qualified for membership to the credit union.

This not-for-profit cooperative takes pride in its very affordable and exciting financial services such as checking and savings accounts, loans, and credit cards, among others. The union’s money management options are centered on the member’s financial needs. Free checking accounts that come with a free debit card are offered. This means that when you open a checking account with the union, you automatically get a free VISA check card with ATM access. Aside from that you can also access freely and without limits any of the Navy Federal ATMs, and make unlimited transactions through more than 20,000 CO-Op network ATMs; at the same time, you can check your account via the online facilities of the credit union.
The credit union’s debit card products are of two types, the CUCARD and the VISA Check Card. These cards have very low interest rates and require no annual, cash advance, or balance transfer fees.

The CUCARD is an ATM card that you can use at any ATM of the Navy Federal or CO-OP network worldwide for free. You can also enable transfers of funds and payments through Federal ATMs. Daily debit limit is up to $5,000 which means that you can withdraw $400 at any ATM facility daily.

The VISA Check Card on the other hand is a credit card that you can use to pay for your purchases, regardless of whether they come in the form of services or goods. You can also use this card in online stores that accept VISA. This type of credit card is a perfect option for members who love to travel because they don’t get to risk taking a lot of cash with them. All they need is this credit card and they can buy anything they want --- anywhere!

The Navy Federal Credit Union also makes available free management of your online account. As the site is accessible 24/7, you’ll be able to view the status of your account or transfer funds from your savings account to your checking account. You can use this online facility to apply for loans or pay for them, open certificates and accounts, request for stoppage of payment, send messages, and many other things besides.

A full range of loan packages which include car loans, home equity, home mortgages, education, and so on, are also available and they come with very competitive rates.

It can save you a great deal of money by simply being a member of the Navy Federal Credit Union. Visit the site and explore all financial options available. You can be certain that there are products suited to whatever your needs are.

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